Stoned Ninjas

NFTs, Cannabis & Metaverse Revolution

Shinobi Ninjas

4200 Stoned Ninjas with one mission Conquer the NFT space.
The ninjas are part of a Metaverse world where they will be used to access our P2E game and can be staked inside our ecosystem.

Initial supply




Mint price


Mint Day

May / 17

Four Ninja roles

Inside the NinjaLand metaverse. What will your role be?


Phase 0

  • Shinobi collection with over 142 traits
  • Mint of 4200 Shinobi Ninjas
  • Magic Eden listing
  • Big Announcement about our Metaverse
  • Release our p2e demo
  • Release our NinjaLand Metaverse
  • 4 Role Setup inside the Metaverse
  • ShinobiDAO Setup

Phase 1

  • Stealth mode activated
  • Metaverse expansion
  • New Metaverse roles
  • Ninja Marketplace
  • ¬†First Ninja Clan Battle
  • More to be announced


Each Ninja was procedurally generated from a collection of exclusive hand drawn items.

There are so much fun things to do in the Stoned Ninjas metaverse(NinjaLand), you can Play, Exchange and Stake your Ninjas. Or just print them and put them up somewhere in your room.

With our mint, there will be 4200 Stoned Ninjas up to grab.

Stoned Ninjas will be one of the first NFT with 4 roles: Spies, Fighters, Bodyguards ,Infiltrators which will be used inside our P2E Metaverse world(NinjaLand).

Many things are planned. Ninja Metaverse (Ninjaland), P2E Game, Roles inside the Metaverse and much more